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16/11/2008 Received an email from Rossana Nicotra of Linguaglossa Sicilia. She is the daughter of Salvatore Nicotra of Linguaglossa and the cousin of Tony Nicotra residing in Sydney Australia mentioned 23/11/2007.
14/11/2008 Upgraded TNG Genealogy module to version 7.0.2. More security features. Good work Darrin.
14/11/2008 Changed the Web Hosting Server. I have been using a Canadian web hosting company "Canaca.com" to host this website for many years and recently upgraded the server software to take advantages of new features.
Aug 2008 Very busy time as we moved overseas.
29/6/2008 Upgraded TNG Genealogy module to version 7.0.0. Many more features. Thanks goes to Darrin Lythgoe for his assistance in troubleshooting a system problem.
24/2/2008 Received an email from James Sugar of North Carolina. He is my second cousin, son of Ed Sugar, and grandson of my Great uncle Carmelo F Nicotra. He learnt of this website through his son's web surfing. It is always great to meet new people around the globe and it's really special to make contact with a new relative. I will call him later today.
24/2/2008 Upgraded TNG Genealogy module to version 6.2.0. Many more features

Salvatore Nicotra B 12 Dec 1938 D 28 Jan 2008. It is always a sad time when I have to report on the passing of a relative. It's a very surreal feeling when I run the family tree software and go to enter a Death. Memories flood back of that particular person and on the impact that they had on your life. Salvo was a great cousin. I  remember when I was a child with my parents visiting Sicily in 1968 and the fun and excitement of being part of Salvos engagement and wedding with Graziella. I also remember on subsequent visits throughout the years watching his family grow and the special bond Salvo had with my father and the generous nature of his being. Even on our own honeymoon visit to Sicily in 1991 I remember Salvo gave us his own master bedroom in his house for us to stay. We have many photos and videos spanning the decades with Salvo and his family. He will be missed.


Went to visit Giuseppe Nicotra (Rocco's Uncle) to determine the family linage. Unfortunately this linage is not the descendant of my Great uncle Rocco I have been searching but none the less the chances are very high we are related further back along the family tree. Giuseppe had an official document from the Commune of Linguaglossa which gave much valuable information on all family members back to his grandfather Giuseppe Nicotra (Born 3 Apr 1859 Linguaglossa) and Grandmother Caterina Vecchio (Born 16 Feb 1862 Linguaglossa). His great grand father was Carmelo Nicotra and GG mother Concetta Mangano. This family tree also provides branches out to New York (Concetta, Salvatore and Egidia Nicotra) and Buenos Aires (Carmelo Nicotra B 5 Dec 1891)

23/11/2007 Got an email from Rocco Nicotra who I met in my Willoughby Sydney computer store in the late 90's. There is a distinct possibility that Rocco may be the missing link, the descendant of my great uncle Rocco Nicotra born Linguaglossa Sicily 4 July 1873.
23/11/2007 Contacted Tony Nicotra (Sydney) whose name was given to me by chance by his wife's aunty Victoria whilst my wife was in hospital some months ago. Also spoke to his sister Sarina who recently returned from Linguaglossa. Their father was Giuseppe and great Grand father Antonio were also from Linguaglossa. Hmm another possible family connection.
22/11/2007 Welcome Alejandro Nicotra of Argentina. His family origins are in Piedemonte Etneo Sicily. With any luck we will be able to find a family link here.
7/07/2007 Giusi Nicotra (daughter of Salvatore Nicotra and Graziella Puglisi) is married to Giorgio Catalano in the town of Fiumefreddo di Sicilia
22/4/2007 Upgraded TNG Genealogy module to version 6.0.4 with lots of new features and security measures. Also upgraded phpBB2 to latest version 2.0.22.
19/4/2007 We are pleased to announce the arrival of our third child Lily Bianncah Carmela Nicotra. Obviously we are "over the moon" at this latest addition to the Nicotra family tree.
10/4/2007 Welcome Frances Nicotra (Hoboken New York USA) to Nicotra.org.
07/10/2006 We attended the wedding of Vincent Anthony Nicotra (son of Geno and Angelina Nicotra) and Kelly Vicary. The marriage ceremony was conducted at Archerfield Aerodrome and the reception held in the Captain Cook Restaurant Dockside (Kangaroo Point) Brisbane Queensland.
10/06/2006 Updated TNG (online genealogy software) to V1.5.4
29/05/2006 Welcome Matthew L Nicotra of New Haven CT USA. He is currently finishing off his PhD at Yale University.


Fixed menu formatting. Created this website diary page.


Received an email from my newly found 2nd Cousin Rose Marie Darby, daughter of Rose Nicotra descendant from Carmelo F Nicotra B1880. Rose gave me valuable family information and filled a few blanks in the family tree.


After my web host upgraded phpBB2, I spent hours looking for the mod I previously made to the forum menu. For my future reference it's located in templates/subsilver/overall_header.tpl


Added my picture and Skype Me Button to main page. Great feature as this interactive button will reflect my online/offline status and allow direct calling for Skype users.


Completed Biography of my Grand Father Mariano Nicotra B1877


I have discovered a whole heap of Dad's B&W photographs which I am in the process of scanning and including in the photo album section. Included are also some great shots taken during WW2 with Italian aircraft and troops.


I have allowed restricted Guest access to the Genealogy section to allow guest users to view non living people details. I also updated TNG software to V5.1.3


Commenced uploading photographs to the Photo Album Section.


Website created. Now the work begins!