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This site is dedicated to the memory of the Nicotra Ancestors and to the future generations of Nicotras.

My name is Mario G Nicotra and I am obviously a Nicotra. I was born in Sydney Australia from parents who immigrated from Sicily in the 1950s. I speak English, Sicilian and on a good day some Italian too!

My wife is also Australian born and her family lineage originates from the Martorana and Palermo families of Poggioreale (Palermo side of Sicily).

We have 2 boys who are bilingual and a handful as well!

My father's name was Carmelo and my mother's name is Angelina (Alessi). They were born in Piedimonte Etneo (Provincia di Catania) Sicily. My father came from a line of Nicotra's that originated from the towns of Linguaglossa and St Gerardo.

I became interested in our family history a few years ago and began collecting family information but it wasn't till my father passed away in 2003 that I decided to escalate my research. I knew and met our existing relatives in Sicily on several occasions and I knew that 2 Great uncles immigrated to the USA in the 1900s. Every year the Sydney White pages was listing more Nicotras. I had no idea who many of them were or how they might be related. My curiosity was growing.

After a few emails from other Nicotra's and the chance meeting of a long lost cousin in Mackay Queensland I realized that there were many other Nicotra's out there who knew a little about their families but wanted to know more. Specifically it was other Nicotra's of my age group that desired to know more.

So armed with Genealogy software and a Broadband internet connection I commenced the quest for knowledge. I was divinely inspired.

Wouldn't it be great to have a central information source dedicated to all Nicotra and wouldn't it be great to have an online community of relatives. And Divine intervention occurred. I awoke one day and thought of Nicotra.Org. A quick check of the Domain Name Registry revealed the name was available. And again Divine Intervention, there was enough credit left on my credit card to register the name!

So that's where we are now. At the beginning of hopefully something great. I look forward to communicating with Nicotra everywhere and similarly providing the means for other Nicotra members around the globe to participate in this interaction.

I also hope that this inspiration will leave a valuable legacy to future generations of Nicotra.

Yours Relatively

Mario G Nicotra


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