Carmelo Nicotra & Family

The Early Years - Photos taken post immigration to Australia

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1959  Family Portrait

Carmelo, Angelina, Caterina & Mario


Carmelo on a  friend's Vespa. Photo sent to Mum still in Sicily with a  note saying "They even have Vespa's in Australia"


Caterina (Cathy)

First Day at school. Leaving terrace home in Shepard St Redfern


Shepard St Redfern

Rear lane

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Angela, Cathy and Carmelo at Taronga Zoo At Taronga Zoo shortly after Angelina & Cathy's arrival in Australia

Carmelo, Orazio Gambino & Cathy


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1955 Sydney Port

Natalina Gambino (Lo Giudici) arrives from Sicily to be greeted by her husband Orazio


Angelina, Natalina

and Cathy

1956 Ingleburn

With Orazio & Natalina Gambino. Dad's first car the Holden Ute. Dad had a block of land here. 1/2 house belonging to Mr. Falanga. 


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1957 Easter

Cathy & Easter Bunny at  Grace Bros Broadway

1957 Joe Parisi's Baptism

 St Fiacre Church Leichhardt

Godparents Carmelo & Angela

Carmelo & Cathy at wedding party in Kensington



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1 Mar 1958

Mario Gerardo (1 month)


Palm Sunday 1958

Mario's Baptism

Mr & Mrs Parisi + baby Joseph, Mr & Mrs Lo Blanco, Rose Lamaro, Mum, Dad and Cathy


Mario's 1st Birthday


Mario's 1st Birthday


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Mario's portrait

1961 Chippendale

Christening party at Compare Brancatto's house.

1961 Horsley Park

 20 acre Farm

Angela and Mario

Angela in our rear garden

35 Angelo St Burwood

Artichoke Garden


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Mediterranean House

Carmelo and Angela at Tom Biviano's wedding reception


Passport Photo 1968

Passport Photo 1971

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