Carmelo Nicotra & Family

Photos taken in Piedimonte Etneo Sicily prior to immigration to Australia

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Zio Orazio, Caterina, Angelina, Carmelo and  Nonni Mariano and Caterina Nicotra (3 Months)


Carmelo, Nonna Grazia Alessi, Angelina and Caterina


Carmelo, Angelina

and Caterina

1948 Cibele Catania Uncle Ignazio Alessi's Wedding Day. Mum wore a blue dress.  They traveled by littorina (diesel powered railcar) from PE to Cibele station where Uncle was the station master. 

Photo taken by Nino Deluca with dad's camera.

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1949 Piazza Roma PE

Carmela to the USA

RHS: Casa di Barone

Rear: Mums old house

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24 Mar 1951

Angelina Nicotra (22)

23 May 1951

Natalina, Santina Pennisi, Angelina and Peppina Pennisi

1951 Angelina Nicotra

Photo taken in Giarre

Angelina and Caterina

ID Photo 1951

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1951 Piedimonte Etneo

Nonna Caterina and Cathy

Angelina Pagano (Pollicina), Mum, Ignazina and Donna Nunziata (Seamstress)

26 Aug 1952

Natalina, Caterina, Angelina, Santina Pollicina and Cathy


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Angelina and Caterina

Photo taken in Giarre and sent to Carmelo in Australia

Caterina and Angelina

Passport Photo 1952

Departure Messina 18 Jan 53

Orazio Nicotra, Sarina, Angelina, Carmelina, Nino Ragonessi, Cathy, Angelo Policina, Ignazio Alessi

Departure Messina 18 Jan 53

Nonna Grazia & Caterina, Cathy, Zia Dina,

Zia Egidia & son Vincinzo

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